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Deadline: NOV 20, 2016

Harleen Hans has written a moving poem entitled
on the issue of South Asian Canadian Pride ...take a read ...
you might just like it !

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This was a poem written by  Harleen Hans and was read at the opening reception @ Guildford Town Centre on August 6, for the "Individuality South Asian Young Women Photography Exhibition which was on display from August 6 -28, 2016 in the ACS Gallery of the Newton Cultural Centre.

The Sunrise

We are the sunrise
Nestled in the land of snow and ice,
Proud we will stand in our South Asian Canadian pride,

The Canadian soil has nurtured the seed,
Now we are the tree breaking through free,
Let the lights shine because we are the bi-cultural tree burrowed in diversity,
And proud we will stand in our South Asian Canadian pride,

Our rays will spread like sanguine snowflakes,
Doctor, model, CEO, or whatever it shall be,
We will uniquely shape our softly setting identity,
And proud we will stand in our South Asian Canadian pride,

Like a soaring red kite,
We will fly high into the world,
A tail would hang to tie us to our roots,
And proud we will stand in our South Asian Canadian Pride,

Together we are the Sunrise,
Our rays will emit,
Confidence, boldness, elegance and bliss,
We are Canadians with a touch of fusion,
And so,
Proud we will stand in our South Asian Canadian pride.

Who are we?

We are the Youth Arts Council of Surrey (YACOS)! We are a volunteer arts group run by youth for youth, and it’s our goal to create opportunities for young people in the arts. We provide these opportunities throughout the year through large-scale events such as talents shows, play-writing competitions, film festivals and fashion shows.

All of our members and participants are 13-21 years old, and either live or go to school in school in Surrey, BC

Do you want to know more?

We are working on lots of projects such as a playwriting competition, City-wide talent show, and a fashion show.
By working on the youth council, we have the chance to discover who we are, to meet people from other backgrounds and to learn exciting new skills. At the same time, the events we organize are the perfect opportunities for Surrey youth to show off their talents to the community.

The Youth Arts Council of Surrey is currently working to provide opportunities for young people to become actively involved in the arts community. Our Youth Coordinator works with us to develop programs by and for youth. In 2004 the major community theatre project “Let Me Sing” raised enough money to help get us started.

The way we work is: Surrey’s youth provide the ideas and proposals, and then we get together with mentors in the community to make it all work.


Amrit, Chair
Shubi, Vice Chair

Min Jy

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in joining us:

We want to hear from you!

Email: youthartscouncil@gmail.com
Phone: 604-594-2700
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6292524521

Mailing Address: 13530 72nd Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 2P1

Write On! – our annual one-act playwriting competition. The two winning writers get to play director and stage their plays at the Surrey Arts Centre for cash prizes, turning their written word into reality!

Write On 2015 will be held this November so start writing! Email us (youthartscouncil@gmail.com) for an application form; submission deadline will be in October.

Surrey Shines! – our annual talent show! Every year, Surrey Shines becomes bigger and more exciting, and we love it!
Surrey Shines 2016 will be in the spring! Auditions dates are TBA—any performing art—is encouraged to audition! Send us an email (youthartscouncil@gmail.com) now with your name, number and category (dance, vocal, etc.) and when we have auditions dates, we’ll give you a call!

Y.E.S Fashion Runways – our youth fashion show, co-sponsored by Guildford Town Centre! The show included an instant beauty contest, live entertainment, and plenty of original designs made by Surrey youth! The Red Carpet affair 2015 is taking place on June 26 from 5-7. If you’re interested in modeling, or participating as a hair stylist or make-up artist please let us know!

Canvas Coffee House – an open mic night combined with a pop up Gallery. This event provides youth with the opportunity to showcase their talent and even sell their own art work.

Although YACOS is no longer co-sponsoring the filmfest, aspiring filmmakers can still check out www.surreyfilmfest.ca for their chance to win the coveted Best of Festival trophy!

Arts Council of Surrey and the Newton Cultural Centre
Knights of Columbus #2742
Coast Capital
Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association
Surrey School District #36
Surrey Public Library
The Society for the Preservation of Vaudeville
Tom Lee Music
Young People’s Opera Society of BC

Past Member Mentors:
Paula Cooper
Kiran Dhillon
Trisha Dulku
Jaspreet Kalsi
Gurinder Kalsi
Winnie Liu
Lynn Vo
Isuru Withanage
Tina Yang
Tony Yang

Community Mentors

Petra Barker [Guildford Town Centre]
Beth Barlow [Chief Librarian, City of Surrey]
Catherine Bayley [School District #36]
Glen Chua and Tim Reyes [MOONLiTE Productions]
KC Gilroy [Former Coordinator]
Barb Gould [Writer]
Jarnail Singh [Artist]
Chris Thornley [Thornley Hayne Creative Communications]
Barb Wolfe [Surrey Arts Centre]

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


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